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Thứ hai, 17/02/2020 23:30

       On 25th September 2019, with the consent and support of the Department of Communications, Emulation and Reward - Ministry of Health, Nam Dinh University of Nursing held a training workshop on communication and information provision. Health information in 2019 aims to provide skills and experience in the field of communication: how to handle crisis when communication problems and communication management issues in the context of technology revolution 4.0. The conference not only has practical implications for the leadership and all of the University's officials and employees in the management, organization and implementation of the assigned tasks, but also has a greater significance when the Medical Examination Department - NDUN hospital has just been put into operation and all the staff, the University's Student Health Department is implementing the Plan to celebrate the 60th anniversary of NDUN in October 2020.


       Attending the Conference, on the side of MOH Department of Communications, Emulation and Reward there were Dr. Nguyen Dinh Anh - Director, Journalist Vu Manh Cuong - Deputy Director, officials and experts in charge of activities in MOH Department of Communications, Emulation and Reward. On the side of Nam Dinh University of Nursing, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thanh Tung - Secretary of the Party Committee, NDUN Rector; members in the Party Executive Committee, management board, NDUN Trade Union, NDUN Youth Union, heads of departments and NDUN staffs.


       At the training workshop, participants were given information about the importance of media and information provision in health; updated new media trends on the internet to convey to the people; communication management in the context of 4.0 technology revolution; how to deal with communication crises in health; the cooperation in providing information between the health sector and the media in the era of internet technology development.

        Through the training workshop, participants understood and identified the importance of communication in the development of the health sector and how to provide health information to the media quickly, effectively, and exactly for the real actual communication in their agencies.

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