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Thứ hai, 17/02/2020 21:59

      Scientific research is of special importance in higher education because it not only contributes to improve the quality of training but also creates new knowledge and new products for the development of humanity. For the lecturers, scientific research and teaching are two important tasks in colleges, universities, academies in general and Nam Dinh University of Nursing in particular. These two tasks have a close relationship and interaction, mutual support. Teaching activities require each lecturer to answer satisfactorily the theoretical and practical issues in every lesson asked by learners. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements, it is imperative that lecturers must be active in scientific research. Scientific research activities will provide lecturers with additional arguments to make the lectures to be more rich, lively and practical. 

       On 11th, 17th and 18th June 2019 at the Conference Room 2, a meeting to approve the scientific topics at grassroots level in 2019 was organized at Nam Dinh University of Nursing. In this phase, there were 08 topics and 04 technical innovations made by NDUN staffs.

        The authors reported research findings after a serious and enthusiastic working process. With the objective of scientific research associated with practice and teaching, the topics and initiatives in turn pointed out the situation and solutions related to the research content.

       Based on the report presented by the authors, the Council acknowledged and appreciated the findings that the topics achieved. Research methods, investigation, survey and calculation were used reasonably by individuals and groups. Analysis results showed the accuracy and scientific characteristics. In addition, the Council has also made specific comments and assessments for each topic and initiative and shared enthusiastically and responsibly with the authors to help them complete their topics and initiatives for the usage of these topics and initiatives as the effective documents in the Department and Faculty.

       In order to complete the topics and initiatives, the Council requested the authors of the topics and the initiatives to take into account the opinions of the Council members seriously, revise and improve the research findings.

        The authors of the topics and initiatives exchanged opinions about issues of the topics and initiatives. At the end of the meeting 08 topics and 04 initiatives at grassroots level were approved by the council.

        Some pictures at the meeting:

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